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Bernard Wu, exercise buff at Pasir Ris SRC

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  1. Tell us a more about yourself, your profession and what do you do to keep yourself fit?

    I am currently working as a Maintenance Planning Executive. In the past, I played team sports like handball and Sepak Takraw. After I started working, it became more difficult to co-ordinate and gather people to play. Therefore, most of my exercise comes in the form of running, swimming or occasional visits to the gym as these can be done during my free time.

  2. Why do you prefer Pasir Ris SRC gym?

    The gym is within walking distance of my home, and the convenience of being able to reach the gym without having to take public transport is definitely a great pull factor for me. I am also more willing to visit the gym because it is along the way home from work. The condition of the gym equipment is also quite good because it is relatively new.

  3. How frequent do you gym? Do you gym before or after work?

    I visit the gym at an average of once a week, for about one and a half hours each time. I go to the gym after work occasionally, but sometimes it can be too crowded during the peak hours after work. Therefore, I prefer visiting it during the weekends when I have slightly more time.

  4. What are the facilities that you like in Pasir Ris SRC?

    The gym and swimming pool are probably the facilities that I use the most at Pasir Ris SRC.

  5. Besides gyming, what are the other facilities that you use in Pasir Ris SRC?

    Other than the gym, I also use the swimming pool at Pasir Ris SRC and very occasionally the badminton courts as well.