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ActiveSG Sport Sampling Programme

Wondering what sport your child might find enjoyment in?

Come let them experience and learn to play 4 different games - Athletics, Football, Basketball & Tennis!

The goal of this programme, is to allow participants to sample various games and sport experiences, and to equip participants with foundational athletic and movement skills developed through engaging participants in problem-based learning built around exploratory play.

Activities are designed to teach foundational skills of each sport, and to provide opportunities to apply unique movement solutions and guide adaptability of foundational skills across multiple sporting modalities. Participants will enjoy a time of creative learning across 4 different sporting contexts (Athletics, Football, Basketball & Tennis) over 20 weeks.


  • Able to participate in the full 20 weeks (4 sports x 5 weeks each)
  • 7-12 y.o. as of 2021
  • Venues will be Bedok Stadium (Weeks 1-10), & Heartbeat@Bedok (Weeks 11-20)

For further enquires about this programme, please contact:


There’s Always A Sport for Every Child!

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