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Shamus Chan (3rd Dan Aikikai)
Aikido Instructor, Aikido Tai Shin Kai

Shamus Chan Shamus Chan picked up a keen interest in martial arts from his father. At 21 years old, he became an Aikido deshi for five years, training full time and teaching classes. As a full time Aikido Instructor, Shamus conducted classes all over Singapore and became especially involved in teaching Aikido to students under the Singapore Sports Education Programme.

Shamus has been teaching Aikido since 2007 and currently holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt from the Aikido World Headquarters. In 2014, Shamus started Aikido Tai Shin Kai together with his father and continues to bring this beautiful art to more people.


Robin Tan (3rd Dan Aikikai)
Aikido Instructor, Aikido Shinju-Kai

Robin Tan Robin Tan is a full-time instructor of Aikido Shinju-kai (3rd Dan). He started training Aikido at the age of 10, and have been teaching since 2012. Robin’s goal is to spread Aikido to the community and to educate young practitioners that Aikido is not only a form of martial arts, but also a training of self-improvement of one’s character and lifestyle.


Taekwondo Instructor

Ng Xinni (2nd Dan Kukkiwon/S’pore TKD Federation)
Taekwondo Instructor / Level 2 Poomsae & Kyorugi Coach

Ng Xinni Xinni always had a keen interest in various martial arts since young and has been teaching classes of various age groups for the past 10 years all around Singapore.

She hopes to spread the martial art of Taekwondo to the more people and to educate young practitioners that Taekwondo is not only a form of martial art, it is also a sport and a way of self-improvement of character.
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