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Application for Service Providers for ActiveSG Flying Disc Club

The sport of Flying Disc, also known as Frisbee or Ultimate, is one of the fastest growing sports in Singapore. It has little to no barriers to learn and play and can be played by anyone regardless of age or experience.

ActiveSG Flying Disc Club (“AFDC”) aims to create more opportunities for everyone to play the sport.

AFDC is offering sports service providers who are passionate about guiding and mentoring young players in the sport the opportunity to partner the Club to deliver Learn-to-Play (LTP) programmes.

1. Sports Service Providers  

Service Providers be required to provide a minimum of two eligible Assistant Coaches to deliver flying disc programmes for AFDC. The partnership will be based on a revenue share model of 80:20 where 80% of the revenue collected will go to the provider. The responsibilities of the service provider shall include, but not limited to the following: 

  1. Deliver and conduct AFDC's Learn-to-Play programmes at identified location(s); 
  2. Introduce, promote and encourage participation in flying disc for children and youth;
  3. Provide logistics and age-appropriate equipment for the programme; 
  4. Co-create and implement the training curriculum(s) to be used during the Club's programmes when required, subject to SportSG’s approval;
  5. Work with SportSG and the relevant stakeholder(s) to develop plans for the Club, including for engagement, outreach and development of participants; 
  6. Attend working meeting with SportSG when required;
  7. Adhere to schools’ Expectations of Instructors’ as provided by the MOE schools
  8. Engage key stakeholders of the Club by:
    • Maintaining good and regular communications with parents and/or guardians; and
    • Establishing a good rapport with fellow coaches and members of the Club's task force.

2. Programme Details 

Service Provider will be required to utilise curriculum that are developed and approved by AFDC for the LTP programme. 

Flying Disc Learn-to-Play Programme

  • No. of sessions per programme: 10 session (weekly)
  • Duration per session: 1.5 hours
  • Fees per programme: $130 per participant
  • Maximum Coach to Participant ratio: 1:16
  • Period:
    • Sundays (3.15pm to 4.45pm and 5.15pm to 6.45pm); and/or
    • Tuesdays (3.15pm to 4.45pm and 5.15pm to 6.45pm)
      *Timings above excludes set-up and tear-down time required for the programme

Service providers are required to adhere to the prevailing Covid-19 Safe Management Measures (SMM) when conducting the programme.

3. Provision of Assistant Coaches 

The Service Provider will be required to ensure that all certifications mentioned below are current and valid. A copy of the updated documents is required to be provided to SportSG for record purposes.  

The Service Provider shall ensure that the Assistant Coaches:

  • Maintain a valid provisional or full National Registry of Coaches (NROC) membership in the Sport of Frisbee; and
  • Obtained minimally Level 1 Ultimate Players Association of Singapore (UPAS) Technical Certification (or equivalent); 

Assistant Coaches that meet the requirements above will be required to undergo and pass a coaching assessment conducted by SportSG prior to delivering AFDC's programme. 

4. Application for Service Providers 

Interested Service Providers are to submit the following documents:

  1. Company's ACRA and the company's experience in providing flying disc programme; 
  2. Coaches' relevant certifications as indicated in para 3 above. A minimum of two coaches are required to be submitted by the company; 
  3. Please indicate the minimum number of participants required for the programme to proceed.  

Applicants should send in their applications to by Tuesday, 16 March, 2359hrs. All submissions will be evaluated and shortlisted applicants will be contacted thereafter for an interview.

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