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Join Us as Assistant Coaches

ActiveSG Floorball Club (AFC) provides opportunities for children and youth to learn the sport in a safe environment with well-designed programming. Besides learning about the technical skills relevant to the sport, the Club also promotes values inculcation and discipline amongst participants.

ActiveSG Floorball Club is offering passionate coaches the opportunity to join us as an Assistant Coach. Successful applicants will accumulate practical experience in a well-designed and monitored environment, while also growing and developing their capabilities.

The Singapore Sports Council (rebranded as “Sport Singapore” or SportSG with effect from 1 April 2014) invites interested Contractors for the Provision of Assistant Coaching Services for the ActiveSG Floorball Club.

The Contractor is required to fulfil the following. All submissions will be evaluated and the successful Contractor will be contacted.

  1. Critical Criteria

    Non-compliance with any of the critical criteria will preclude the Contractor from further evaluation by SportSG.

    1.1. Debarment Status

    The Contractor shall not be debarred by the Standing Committee on Debarment, c/o Ministry of Finance, from participating in public sector projects.

    1.2. Compliance with the Conditions of Contract and Requirement Specifications

    Contractor shall comply fully with the terms and conditions set out in the Conditions of Contract and the Requirement Specifications.

    1.3. Possession of NROC membership, coaching qualifications and experience

    The Contractor shall minimally possess the following:

    (a) a provisional NROC membership comprising the following:

    • Valid Standard First Aid (SFA) Certificate
    • Values and Principles in Sport (VPS) Certificate or its equivalent

    (b) Safe Sport Certification by CoachSG

    (c) MOE-IRS registration

  2. Other Criteria

The Contractor who has fulfilled the critical criteria will be further evaluated based on the other criteria listed below:

2.1. Coaching Experience: Track record in coaching and nurturing children and youth

2.2. Playing Experience: Track record as an athlete in Floorball

2.3. Practical Assessment

2.4. Interview

Requirement Specification

Contractor is required to submit their interest for the scope of services from the below document: 

1) Schedule of rates 

Contracted assistant coaches will be paid an hourly rate according to the types of programmes they are assigned to, their level of NROC certification, and the quality of services. Details can be found in the table below.   

Programme type Hourly rates  

A. A&C’s seasonal and related programmes, including:


  • Outreach programmes
  • Competitions and events
  • Strategic Partnership (SP)-CCA and Combined CCA
  • Other coaching related activities

Base rate of $60*



  • Contracted assistant coach with only a NROC provisional coach certification will be paid at a lower rate of $55.
  • Contracted assistant coach will be re-assessed 6 months later. Base rate will be adjusted upwards if the coach meets the qualifying conditions, i.e. minimal NROC certification and assessed level of services
 B. SportCares (programme innovation) programmes   Base rate + $10
 C. SportCares (disabilities & inclusion) programmes   Base rate + $25
 D. Future Leader Programme  $100
 E. Active Start & Active Parent programmes  $75
 F. School Sports Partnership (SSP) Programme and Junior Sports Academy (JSA)  $55 
 G. Administrative  $55 

2) Incentive scheme

The contracted assistant coach will qualify for an incentive scheme that encourages commitment and consistent delivery of services. This is only applicable for academies with seasonal programmes. Details can be found in the table below.   

Performance components Pay-out 
 A. Coach Assessment

Based on the academy principal’s and head coach’s assessment in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Learning culture
  • Values inculcation
  • Coach development
  • Parent engagement

Two times a year. The pay-out is tiered at two levels:


  • $600 for top performing assistant coaches within the academy


  • $300 for assistant coaches who consistently provide good quality services.

B. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Based on feedback from parents and players

 C. Hours of services

Based on hours of services provided

*Contracted coaches will be assessed twice a year on 2 full seasons (Season 1 & 2 and Season 3 & 4)

*Not applicable to coaches contracted with SportSG under a Company.

3) Scope of services

The scope of services required from the assistant coach can be found in the table below.

  1. Responsibilities of an Assistant Coach for the Academy include but are not limited to:
    1. Coach sessions following the Academy’s Curriculum and at designated centres over a duration of up to 40 weeks per year with additional concessions for school holiday programmes, outreach programmes, workshops/clinics, competitions/events and other programmes as assigned by the Academy;
    2. Be a mentor and role model to participants:
      1. Guide and encourage participants in developing athletics and fundamental movement skills.
      2. Inculcate values of honour, teamwork and resilience, and impart life skills as these underpin the approach to delivery of the Academy’s mission.
    3. Engage key stakeholders of the Academy:
      1. Communicate with parents and guardians of the Academy’s participants to keep them abreast of their child’s progress, events, and changes; and
      2. Establish good rapport with the national sport association, fellow coaches, and relevant stakeholders in the fraternity
      3. Mentor and work with volunteer coaches.
    4. Coaches may be required to travel overseas and shall perform but not limited to the following roles and responsibilities:
      1. Guardians to the participants/athletes;
      2. Liaise with overseas peers and counterparts;
      3. Ensure safety of participants/athletes; and
      4. Share best practices upon return from overseas assignments.
    5. Be an advocator through outreach activities at venues such as schools, heartlands, community spaces, etc. to promote the Academy;
    6. All coaches are to ensure that they are NROC and First-Aid, CPR/AED registered and certified. Coaches involved in MOE affiliated programmes are to ensure that they are MOE-IRS registered. Coaches are to ensure that all certifications are current and are required to submit updated documents before expiration. Failure to do so will result in coaches being inactivated until documents are updated.
    7. For each programme coaches are assigned to, they must conduct at least 90% of the sessions;
    8. Be involved in coaching assignment/s for any other programmes and events supported by the Academy;
    9. Take responsibility for their own continuous professional development and attend relevant training courses to enhance their coaching delivery;
    10. Assist the Academy’s principal, head coaches and/or designated SportSG staff in the delivery of the programmes, e.g. maintenance of equipment, and administrative tasks which are necessary in the operation of the Academy, including consolidation of progress report for A&Cs’ participants and maintaining participants’ attendance record;
    11. Work in conjunction with the Academy to evaluate and ensure that programmes meet their objectives and intended goals; and
    12. Attend meetings organised by the Academy (one compulsory meeting per month)

Contact Details (SportSG)

All interested Contractors should submit soft copies of their curriculum vitae (CV) detailing their playing and coaching experiences, as well as all supporting documents and certificates to


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