While the Active Health Labs scale up island-wide, the Mobile team drives Active Health closer to the community to create awareness of the importance to own your own health, and to encourage all to embark on your Active Health journey.


Through interactive activities and fun-filled edutainment that are suitable for all ages, the Mobile team promotes the cultivation of healthy habits in the 4 domains of Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and Screen-time management. You will be surprised how small habits can make a huge impact in shaping a more active and healthy lifestyle!

4 Domains

4 Domains

The team roves around to bring onboarding services from our Active Health Labs to your neighbourhood or even your workplace. With equipment and technology brought to a location of your convenience, our Active Health Experts provide free assessment to help you understand your current health and fitness levels. The experts can also guide you along in your goal-setting, provide valuable tips and recommend relevant Active Health and ActiveSG programmes that can help you stay in your path to achieve your goals.

Free Assessments

With Active Health workouts and structured programmes, we encourage communities to stay active together through interest groups. If you are enjoying and benefitting from your Active Health journey, why not give back and serve your neighbourhood or workplace?

Community Workout

Sign up as a Team Nila volunteer and be trained as an Active Health Champion, or simply recommend your family and friends to book a FREE onboarding session!