Heartbeat at Bedok

Heartbeat@Bedok Discovery

Located conveniently on the first floor, you'll learn about the four domains of Active Health – Physical Activity, Nutrition, Screen time and Sleep so you can proactively manage your health.

There are also interactive self-assessment stations where you can test your balance, strength, mobility and more.

Or why not work up a sweat and join in some fun exercise programmes at the activity zone. We've designed them in small groups so it's nice and cosy.


What's more, there's also a community space open to interest groups to self-organise activities. So whether it's fitness activities or health and wellness talks, this is your space to use.

The Interest Group for Piloxing at Heartbeat@Bedok is a very meaningful experience to give back to the community. The most rewarding part is to have participants who were initially shy or had self-imposed limitations, trying out the modified versions of Piloxing and returning for more! - Annie Lim, Piloxing Instructor


While you're there, don't forget to book an appointment for a FREE Onboarding session at the Active Health Lab on Level 4.

Conducted by Active Health Experts, it's a body assessment that will show your current level of health and wellness. With that, the Experts will then advise you on the activities that are most suitable for you.