Active Health @ AdMC to enable holistic approach to fitness and medicine

25th May 2019

Singapore, 25 May 2019 – In ongoing efforts to support active aging and ownership of one’s health and fitness, Sport Singapore (SportSG) today launched the latest addition to its Active Health facilities at Admiralty Medical Centre (AdMC) – the first Active Health space of its kind housed within a community medical facility.

Active Health @ AdMC is part of a collaboration between SportSG and Yishun Health, in which both parties will join efforts to service residents in Admiralty and beyond. AdMC is part of Yishun Health’s network of healthcare institutions in the north and as a key facility within Kampung Admiralty, Singapore’s first self-contained “retirement village”, the collaboration will help improve the existing infrastructure and programming to support active living.

SportSG and Yishun Health signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March this year, which detailed plans to provide a holistic space for the community with access to mobility and fitness monitoring tools, programmes and activities – all aimed to empower seniors to lead active lifestyles and increase awareness of relevant resources.

One of the defining feature of Active Health @ AdMC is that it enables two-way medical referrals that are tailored to individual needs, allowing for better oversight of the process by integrating the medical and physical aspects of a patient’s overall health. Residents may consult Active Health experts and team up with them for an exciting and enriching Active Health journey to take ownership of their fitness. The two-way workflow involves both medical referrals from Active Health to doctors as well as from AdMC physiotherapists to Active Health. (Details available in Factsheet)

SportSG Deputy CEO Dr Chiang Hock Woon said, “We are excited to be able to work together with Yishun Health to integrate fitness with medicine. Such partnerships allow us to enable our community to pursue their aspirations. We hope to see more residents make use of these facilities and programme offerings available to them, and embark with us on their personalised health and wellness journeys.”

Yishun Health CEO Mrs Chew Kwee Tiang said, “At Yishun Health, we believe in empowering our residents to take care of their own health, so they can stay active and engaged in the community. Active Health @ AdMC is the latest step in that direction, providing a programme which helps them lead a healthy lifestyle that complements their medical care at AdMC.” Apart from Active Health @ AdMC, four new Active Health labs have also opened at ActiveSG Sports Centres at Jurong East, Sengkang, Bishan and Woodlands sport centres. These labs will add on to the existing two Active Health labs currently housed at Our Tampines Hub and Heartbeat@Bedok.

25th January 2019
ST article

Watsons launches first of its kind integrated Health concept store to empower individuals to take charge of their own well-being

5th April 2018

New retail experience serves to expand Watsons’ role in community healthcare


Singapore, 5 April 2018 – Watsons, in partnership with Active Health (social movement launched by Sport Singapore), opened the first of its kind Health concept store, Watsons Health @ Heartbeat. The store is designed to provide an integrated platform where Singaporeans can adopt a proactive approach towards their well-being and health with greater ease. Dedicating more than 50% of the space towards health offerings, it focuses on three key categories – health & fitness, sports nutrition and homecare, mobility & rehabilitation. The retail area spans across more than 2,000 sq ft and is housed in one of the largest and latest integrated complexes in Singapore, Heartbeat@Bedok. Featuring a Watsons Pharmacist and Fullerton Health General Practitioner under one roof, the store also brings together the first Active Health Discovery, an interactive area for people to learn about managing Physical Activity, Screen Time, Sleep and Nutrition.

The Health concept store by Watsons comes following the success of its first Beauty concept store in Bugis Junction, catered to Gen Y consumers. Concept stores were introduced as part of Watsons’ promise to constantly develop its offerings to meet evolving customer needs.

Ms Irene Lau, Chief Operating Officer of Watsons Singapore said, “Watsons Health @ Heartbeat is a milestone for us and a step up in our role in helping customers better manage their health by providing them with the tools needed, under one roof. We don’t see ourselves as just a retailer, but rather a partner and enabler in one’s healthcare journey. We chose the Heartbeat@Bedok complex to launch the first Watsons Health concept store as it is a lifestyle hub with a focus on uplifting community and prioritizing health, very much in line with our vision for the store.”

“Customers can now make a one stop visit to Watsons Health @ Heartbeat to keep their health and well-being in check. We are happy to be the first retailer to partner with Active Health to debut the Discovery zone,” Ms Lau continued.

Explaining the importance of public-private partnership in delivering Active Health to Singaporeans, Mr Lai Chin Kwang, Chief of ActiveSG, Sport Singapore said, “This public-private partnership is an important catalyst to sustain a national social movement around ownership of one’s health and wellness. The Watsons Health concept store at Heartbeat@Bedok adds an exciting dimension to our Active Health initiative to encourage people to adopt an active lifestyle. We are pleased that like-minded organisations like Watsons have embarked on this Active Health journey to engage Singaporeans to Celebrate Living.”

Store Highlights
Integrated platform combining new and expanded partnerships With a mission to help Singaporeans take a proactive approach towards health and well-being, Watsons aims to become a hub for preventive and lifestyle healthcare. The company has recently embarked on a 12-month programme with Cardiatrics (doctor supervised clinical treatment that reduces risk factors and prevents Cardiovascular Diseases, thereby reducing the need for medications or surgeries) which enables customers to design and adopt a programme for a healthier lifestyle, customized to their individual conditions and habits, to prevent cardiac diseases.

Watsons has also established a unique collaboration with Fullerton Health, a leading provider of corporate healthcare solutions in Asia Pacific, and Active Health, to deliver comprehensive health and wellness services to the community. The partners in three different sectors - healthcare, health & beauty retail and fitness, will collaborate seamlessly to build a one-stop platform where patients are able to seek medical advice from doctors, acquire supplements and products required for health and wellness, and receive fitness tips to improve their overall wellbeing. Fullerton Health, whose focus is on delivering quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible, will be able to provide a wide range of services, including primary care, chronic disease management, preventive health screening, travel medicine and allied health services to help the community better understand, manage and enhance their health.

Interactive experience at the Active Health Discovery
Visitors to the Active Health Discovery will get a taste of assessing their balance, strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness through self-assessment stations. With the Discovery zone spanning across 3,299 sq ft, there is an exciting space to allow Active Health exercise programmes for small groups, a café where people can socialize and participate in nutrition workshops, and much more.

Embrace Every Moment to Celebrate Living

2nd February 2018
  • Active Health shows that simple and progressive changes to your habits help you live better
  • Over 1,400 individuals, friends and families took ownership of their health and wellness during the pilot phase at Our Tampines Hub
  • Served by certified experts, the second and largest Active Health Lab at Heartbeat@Bedok is a one-stop place for all to begin their journey to living well

Singapore, 2 February 2018 – For 27-year-old Joseph Chen, he aspires to remain physically and mentally active for the next 50 years and more. He wants to do what his heart desires and be happy at every stage of his life. So, when he stepped into the Active Health Lab at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) in December last year, he was intrigued by the fact that simple incremental changes to his lifestyle habits can make his dreams come true.

Like Joseph, if you have a dream, let’s go on a journey to embrace and celebrate every moment of our lives through Active Health. “We believe that we can all ‘Celebrate Living’ through progressive and enjoyable adoption of healthy habits. Being active, eating and sleeping well, and managing our obsession with our mobile phones or screen habits are part of the repertoire of living well. Through Active Health we can be more aware of what we would want to improve and how we could go about it,” said Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, Sport Singapore.

Active Health, a social movement to encourage Singaporeans to proactively take ownership of their health and wellness, opened its first lab at OTH in August last year. The first Lab has seen over 1,400 participants taking part in the On-boarding programme since its opening.

During this period, the On-boarding group sessions were conducted for people who were interested in finding out more about how to manage their health and wellness based on the four domains of Physical Activity, Screen Time, Sleep and Nutrition. This hour-long programme helped the participants have a better understanding of their current health and fitness levels, and picked up tips on how they can incorporate small improvements to their health habits in daily life.

“We learnt much from those we engaged during a pilot last year, and enjoyed the process of co-creating the offerings with those participants. We are delighted with the strong interest in health and wellness amongst Singaporeans and we saw that by encouraging and celebrating the progress of those that came forward, they in turn brought others along. That is in essence what Active Health is about – friends, families and work colleagues enjoying their Active Health journey together because it is interwoven into their lifestyle”, added Mr Lim.

Active Health at Heartbeat@Bedok
Officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 4 February 2018, Singaporeans will now have another Lab at Heartbeat@Bedok (HBB) to find out more on how to take ownership of their health through this one-of-its-kind proactive space for providing preventive health and exercise advisory.

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

28th July 2017

Active Health MOU Signing with health partners

You may be a parent who wants to see your children grow and succeed in life; you may be a kid who wants to play all day; you may be an adventurous one who wants to travel the world; you may be a senior who wants to remain mobile. Whatever your dreams are at every stage of your life, Active Health sets you on a journey to celebrate living.

2) Active Health is a social movement to encourage everyone to proactively take ownership of their health and wellness so that they can fulfil their aspirations and be ready to embrace and celebrate life’s most significant moments with confidence.

3) Beyond providing infrastructure, Active Health seeks to encourage Singaporeans’ aspirations to live well by supporting them with knowledge, programmes and networks of like-minded enthusiasts,” said Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer of Sport Singapore. “The investment in health and wellness is a life-long pursuit, and an on-going process of self-awareness, adjustments and adaptations to optimise potential according to each person’s life stage. As a first step, we will be working with strategic partners that will enable us to integrate our efforts and ensure that the Active Health journey will be fruitful and enjoyable..

4) Harnessing the strengths and expertise of SportSG and key partners, Active Health is designed to educate, motivate and activate individuals to take ownership of their journey to wellbeing by focusing on inculcating positive habits in these four key domains namely, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Screen Time and Sleep.

Strategic Partnerships

5) SportSG is already in conversations with several public, private and people sector organisations to embrace Active Health and the framework for the benefit of the community. In signing the five separate Memorandums of Understanding with Sport Singapore, the following institutions are the first to pen their support for Active Health.

6) Sport Singapore with the Health Promotion Board will jointly develop a nation-wide framework and the policies for the engagement of Active Health stakeholders from both the public and private sectors at the national level. The two agencies will explore and identify opportunities to introduce and carry out Active Health programmes and content through specially designed platforms such as the Active Health Lab, and to educate the general public on nutrition and physical activity.

7) Mr Zee Yoong Kang, Chief Executive Officer, Health Promotion Board (HPB), said, “HPB is pleased to be a part of this initiative where we hope to empower every Singaporean to take ownership of their health. We will work closely with SportSG to co-develop and implement relevant programmes to help Singaporeans cultivate healthier lifestyle habits such as paying more attention to our diet, incorporating physical activity into our daily routine and going for regular health screening and follow-up.”

8) Sport Singapore with Changi General Hospital, and Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIMS) will pilot the first Active Health Lab at Our Tampines Hub. The parties will jointly create fitness solution pathways, and equip Active Health Experts with the knowledge and skills to recommend physical activity in the ‘right dosage’ to prevent and manage common chronic health conditions.

9) Dr Lee Chien Earn, CEO of CGH and Deputy Group CEO, Regional Health System, SingHealth said, “We are excited about this partnership with Sport Singapore. Our expertise in sports medicine complements Sport Singapore’s capabilities and experience in fitness and wellness. We look forward to working together to develop solutions to help Singaporeans achieve better health through an active lifestyle in a safe and enjoyable way.”

10) Dr Benedict Tan, Chairman of EIMS said, “Exercise is Medicine Singapore aims to promote physical activity and exercise as a standard part of preventing and treating chronic diseases. We are pleased to partner with Sport Singapore and healthcare providers to nurture an active and healthy nation.”

11) Sport Singapore with National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) will develop a holistic integration of infrastructure design for Active Health at the upcoming Sembawang Sports and Community Hub. The parties will also jointly identify and develop suitable technological advancements and/or innovation capable of providing greater enhancement to the Active Health framework. Both SportSG and NHGP will explore and identify opportunities for future collaborative endeavours in the Northern sector of Singapore.

12) One of the key thrusts of the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) is to engage and motivate our patients, as well as the community, to take charge of their health. In caring for our patients, NHGP adopts a holistic care approach and promotes healthy living. We do this by encouraging patients to make the right choices, to keep active, eat healthy and prevent disease, so as to add years of healthy life. NHGP has also been actively collaborating with our partners to conduct regular health promotion within the community. This partnership between NHGP and SportSG will further synergise these efforts by tapping on our respective expertise to make it easier for people to choose and adopt active and healthy lifestyles,” said Associate Professor Chong Phui-Nah, CEO, NHGP.

13) Sport Singapore with National University Health System will pilot an Active Centre within Alexandra Hospital[1] , providing targeted exercise therapy to complement conventional medical treatment. The Active Centre will provide patients with connectivity, accessibility and the convenience of exercise therapy in conjunction with their outpatient management at the hospital’s chronic and metabolic disease clinics. These patients will have risk and assessment tests done before commencement of the exercise programme in close consultation by clinicians, Exercise Physicians and trainers. Patients will also be closely supervised and monitored by the doctors. Exercise plays a key complementary role to managing chronic diseases, and this partnership provides patients with accessibility and convenience to better manage their health, beyond seeking treatment for their condition. While exercise prescription will be done at the hospital, with contribution from SportSG, the eventual goal is to also engage community providers such as General Practitioners who can see these patients and support them in the community to continue with the exercise.

14) The MOU affirms NUHS’ commitment to promoting physical activity and exercise as essential components of health and wellness.  This is a strategy that is assuming increasing national importance, particularly given our underlying demographic trends and chronic disease burden. The Active Centre promotes exercise as an effective treatment modality for patients to better manage their chronic medical conditions. By establishing exercise as an integral part of standard medical management, we hope to encourage patients to take ownership of their health and wellness - to keep active, stay healthy and lead enriched lives despite their co-morbidities.”, said Associate Professor Khoo See Meng, Clinical Lead of Alexandra Campus Development Team.

Active Health Framework – the ecosystem

15) The Active Health framework comprises three critical components, namely Active Health Playbook, Infrastructure and Technology. Active Health playbook is the strategy underpinning the design of Active Health ecosystems and its nationwide implementation with all Active Health partners.   

16) Under infrastructure, the Active Health Lab (AHL) is a new capability added to the ActiveSG Sport Centres and integrated hubs to enhance the overall offerings to our community. AHL is founded on exercise science and operated by allied health certified Active Health Experts. Every individual who walks through the AHL will be able to experience a personalised journey towards self-discovery, appreciation and activation of the right lifestyle habits for living better. In the pilot phase, the first AHL will have its Open House at Our Tampines Hub on 6 August 2017. During this pilot phase, which will last till the end of the year, we will gather information and feedback to further improve the offerings to meet the demands of the people.

17) For technology, the Active Health Management Suite (AHMS) will be a virtual extension of the AHL and is designed to be an integrative platform to bring about a seamless experience for its users. AHMS provides users a convenient platform that can integrate with various health devices such as Fitbit and Apple watch, and other health management apps such as Health Hub Track. Through AHMS, users can access to Active Health key functional testing protocols, Active Health coaches, Health and Wellness content and programmes.  It also allows users track and manage not only their own lifestyle habits, but also that of their loved ones. AHMS is still in development and is expected to be launched end of the year.  

18) The Active Health framework provides us with knowledge, ideas, tools and programmes to celebrate living at every life stage. It is a long-term goal to encourage greater personal ownership of health. However, the strength of this framework lies in the hands of multi agencies coming together to cross share information, ideas and platforms. The big idea is to make it easy for everyone to embark on this fulfilling journey,” added Mr Lim.

Active Health Capsule at Padang

19) To give Singaporeans an idea of how Active Health can benefit them, the Active Health Capsule will be open to public at the Padang as one of the key fixtures of the GetActive! Singapore - a week-long national day celebrations through sport. The capsule will be at the Padang from 29 July to 8 August 2017.  The Active Health Capsule will feature activities for individual’s self-awareness and deeper engagement, as well as, tips on how to adopt good health habits in everyday life.

[1] National University Health System (NUHS) takes over Alexandra Hospital from Sengkang Health from middle of 2018.

Reproduced from Sport Singapore Media Release (28 July 2017)