Active Health is a social movement by Sport Singapore, government agency for sports (manage Team Singapore athletes, ActiveSG public sports facilities and programmes)

Active Health is our National Social Movement for Health & Wellness

  • Support Whole-of-Government strategy on population health
  • Promote ownership of individual health and wellness, while building social bonds through shared physical activities and sport
  • Build upon ActiveSG national movement for sport, to encourage Singaporeans to adopt healthy lifestyle, shape social resiliency, and strengthen social cohesion

Outcome: A Healthier & More Active Singapore

Nur Azlina

Nur AzlinaMeet Azlina, our lively and zesty Active Health Expert from Engagement & Outreach.  

Being an educator with a passion for nutrition & physical activity, she is proud to be a member of the Active Health team. In her everyday efforts, she looks forward to empower individuals with knowledge to make small, incremental changes to their health. She thoroughly enjoys interacting with different group of individuals, and through infectious smiles and laughter, she aims to share her knowledge in the different Active Health domains.  

Azlina is always a true believer of the power of lifestyle to prevent disease, maximise health and energy! Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions!  


Jasmine Tan

Jasmine Tan Meet Jasmine, our friendly and bubble Active Health Expert from Outreach and Engagment. Jasmine followed her passion In sport, health and nutrition by completing a Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition and Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science.  

She had worked in the healthcare industry for number of years, and her vast experience includes development of weight management interventions and weight management counselling. In addition, Jasmine is EIMS (Exercise is Medicine Singapore) certified.  

Having been an active dancer with years of experience doing ballet and Latin dance, Jasmine is a strong believer that having an active lifestyle is the way of life and advocates it by championing this energy to people around her.


Melvin Lam

Melvin Lam Meet Melvin, our friendly and enthusiastic Active Health Expert from Outreach and Engagement. His passion for sports led him to joining Active Health.

He is an avid volleyball player and enjoys this sport as it requires teamwork, psychomotor skills and the platform to continuously strive to push the limit.

Imbued with these characteristics, he ventured into Sport Psychology to further his curiosity into the minds of both elite and recreational athletes. Beware, he might just be able to read your minds!

Join Melvin in this Active Health journey to live better and healthier


Centre Contact Number: +65 9297 8145

Bay Pang Boon

Bay Pang BoonPang Boon loves life and he wants to help you live it to the fullest! “Achieving better fitness levels is the gateway to a happier, more fulfilling life” he concluded, following years of observing the world around him, and adopting a playful cat.

Pang Boon believes too many people overestimate the effort required to live more healthily, and he is determined to share the simple steps one can take towards a better health.

Approach him to find out more about exercise and fitness, or if you simply want to know what his cat is doing.


Centre Contact Number: +65 6353 9231

Cheok Shiunn-Huei

Cheok Shiunn-HueiCheok is a basketball enthusiast from our Bishan Lab. His background is sports rehabilitation and enjoys figuring out the mechanisms of injuries and how to fix them. He specialises in treatment of lower limb injuries through exercise and stretching.

He has a degree in sports science from Australian Catholic University and an advanced diploma in sports massage therapy.  

In his free time Cheok likes to take his son for hikes and ice cream and also sampling new and interesting food. HIs life philosophy is to always be find the humour in seemingly bad situations.


Stuart Tong

Stuart Tong Stuart is a Strength and Conditioning specialist who has worked with adults and children of various ages.

Some skills he possesses are basic sports massage and also phlebotomy.

His interests is to engage in both sports and e-sports to keep the body and mind active.


Christopher Huang

Christopher HuangChristopher followed his passion for fitness and health by completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport Science and Management from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is also EIMS (Exercise is Medicine Singapore) certified.

His interests in Sport Science started when he took up sprint canoeing in junior college, and grew during his National Service with the Commandos, as he witnessed first-hand the numerous benefits of its application.

An active athlete, Christopher strongly believes that our bodies are a temple that needs to be taken care of. Being fit and healthy is a privilege that should never be taken for granted.”


Joelle Chan

Joelle Chan Meet Joelle, our friendly and passionate Active Health Expert based at Decathlon Singapore Lab.

An avid sprinter since her school days in polytechnic, Joelle is fascinated by the art and science behind every stride execution and the training techniques involved to improve athletic performance and complete a race. She followed her passion to discover the wonders of sport science by completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport Science and Management from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and graduated in 2018.  

In addition, Joelle is EIMS (Exercise is Medicine Singapore) and ASCA (Australian Strength & Conditioning Association) Level 1 certified.  

Joelle lives by the mantra of becoming better surpasses being perfect, and hopes to inspire people around her to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Join her now in this Active Health journey to live better and healthier.


Centre Contact Number: +65 6282 8620

Christabelle Ho

Christabelle HoChristabelle Ho is an Active Health Expert, based in Active Health Lab (Heartbeat@Bedok), who is passionate in empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and well-being.

With a bachelor’s degree in Sport Science & Management from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIMS) Credential, she continues to learn especially while working with seniors in the community and sharing her knowledge and skills in the areas of physical activity, sleep and nutrition.

She loves being outdoors and enjoys good food!


Munir Tohid

Munir Tohid Munir completed his bachelor degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of New South Wales. His area of interest lies within the prevention and management of chronic diseases, and this was sparked by his previous role as a Student Exercise Physiologist in an Aged Care, Lifestyle Clinic and Cardiac Rehabilitation in Sydney, Australia.

He also has experience as a Fundamental Movement Skills Coach for pre-schoolers and Assistant Strength Coach for youth athletes.

Munir has a huge passion for soccer. He plays soccer recreationally and is more focused towards long-distance running.

You can find Munir at the Active Health Lab in Heartbeat@Bedok and Our Tampines Hub. He hopes to use his passion for sports and knowledge in exercise physiology to empower Singaporeans to move and live better each day.


Amir Pauzi

Amir Pauzi Amir’s passion in helping others and keen interest towards the art of human performance during exercise plays a huge role on him to being an Active Health Expert.

Graduated with a Major in Sport Science (Hons), Amir is well-versed in the field of exercise physiology, health and wellness and principle of strength training.

He further upskilled himself to get certified as an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Provide Sport massage to be well-equipped in guiding people not only on their physical but nutritional aspect of health as well.

Amir is currently helming both Active Health Labs in Heartbeat@Bedok and Our Tampines Hub.


Centre Contact Number: +65 6386 7308

Shannon Chia

Shannon Chia
Her favourite quote is "Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

Having a keen interest in sport and exercise, Shannon holds a PhD in Sports Science from Nanyang Technological University and Loughborough University.

Her research interests include caffeine, eye tracking and sports performance under fatigue. She also enjoys her coffee, food and exploring unbeaten tracks!


Centre Contact Number: +65 6219 3059

Sharmila Begum

Sharmila BegumMeet Sharmila, an outgoing and quirky Active Health Expert based in Woodlands Sport Centre with a Diploma in Nutrition and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Science. She is also EIMS (Exercise is Medicine Singapore) certified.

Her years of experience in nutrition counselling and advocating allows her to explain the benefits of eating right and enjoying all foods in moderation.

Her passion for sports and dancing has led her to teaching people of all ages - from young ones to those young at heart - fun and easy ways to keep fit and stay active.



Yifei Ding

Yifei Ding Yifei is the Active Health Expert at Woodlands Lab. He hopes that through sharing sports and exercise science with the public, the public will be able to enjoy a better quality of life through safe and effective physical activity.

He enjoys a good game of football and the camaraderie in team sports. And he hopes to be a member on your journey to better health.


Centre Contact Number: +65 6315 3579

J-ing Goh

J-ing GohMeet J-Ing, our sun-kissed Active Health Expert based in Sengkang Lab.

Her passion in our Active Health Medical Referral pathway sees her helping individuals improve their health and wellbeing through exercise prescription and lifestyle management.

An endurance multi-sport junkie, have a chat with her if you’re thinking about embarking on your first running race or triathlon! Look no further and join her at to chase more smiles and miles. ACT now.




Douglas Soh

Douglas Soh Douglas is an Active Health Expert based at Sengkang Active Health Lab with speciality in Strength and Conditioning for individuals from all levels of fitness. With a background BSc degree in Sport Science and Management from Nanyang Technological University, he utilises evidence based and practical hands-on approaches in health and wellness.

Having been an active sportsman his whole life he understands the personal needs and requirements of better owning one’s health and lifestyle for a more sustainable quality of life. Douglas is a strong believer that every individual has an opportunity to be a better version of themselves and his main ethos is to help build independence for everyone to take control of their own lifestyle.  

Douglas has a big passion in playing Canoe Polo, a unique water team sport that combines the elements of rugby, basketball and water polo into an exhilarating canoeing sport. He still actively plays the sport as part of his sporting lifestyle and also shares a unique interest in cooking and board games as well.