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! 🍊 Happy Chinese New Year! Do take note of the change in our operating hours from 24 Jan to 27 Jan 2020. Share the gift of good health with exercises that can be done anywhere.


The NUS SG Bicentennial Challenge is the first initiative under the tripartite partnership between SportSG, NUS and HPB as part of the Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) to commemorate Singapore Bicentennial.

The challenge has been extended to 31 Dec 2019 where staff and students can participate through the GameOn NILA! mobile application customised for NUS by SportSG. Continue clocking step and earning point to level up and increase your chances at the Grand Draw. No. of levels = no. of chances! The Grand Prize Draw will take place in Jan 2020 and winners will be notified by the end of the month.

Participants can level up by clocking steps and scanning QR codes to accumulate virtual steps. Upon achieving certain milestones, participants will be rewarded with attractive incentives and prizes.

MyCash will be auto-credited into your ActiveSG account within 2 weeks and you will be notified via email. Please register for a free ActiveSG account here if you do not already have one.


First 10,000 Steps
Fully Redeemed!
$5 MyCash First 2,000 Students & 600 Staff
Reach Level 20 $20 MyCash First 500 Students/Staff
Fully Redeemed!
200,000 Actual Steps Prizes $50 MyCash First 500
  $20 MyCash Next 2,500
  $10 MyCash Next 7,500
  $80 MyCash per Team First 50 Teams
Special Sightings
Collect all 20 Rare NILA. Look-out for App Notifications on when NILA will appear!
$200 MyCash First 20 Students/Staff who come by our secret location on 6 Nov 2019 to show us their 20 Rare NILA
Fully Redeemed!
Dream Prizes – Level up to increase your chances of winning Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Samsung Fold
Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch
Staycation worth up to $400 each
Air Tickets worth $300 each
Active Prizes
$100 MyCash per team of 4
1 Pax
1 Pax
2 Pax
3 Pax
10 Pax
10 Pax
3 Teams (12 pax)

No. of levels = no. of chances
i.e. Level 20 = 20 chances

View FAQs here.
For queries or technical issues, please drop us a note via the ActiveSG Feedback channel here.


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