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Your safety is one of our top priorities and with the recent rise in cyber scams and phishing attempts in Singapore, we would like to take the opportunity to emphasise the importance of staying alert and be vigilant when you receive emails, SMS or WhatsApp messages from unknown senders.

Protect Yourself from Phishing

Phishing is a cybersecurity attack where targets are contacted using emails or text messages by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure you into providing sensitive personal data such as login IDs and passwords. The information is then used to access important accounts and can result in identity theft or financial loss.

Here are some tips to spot signs of phishing:

Check the link address – pay attention to the spelling of the URL in the address bar of your browser and ensure there is no misspelling.
Use of urgent language – be wary of phrases such as ‘urgent action required’ or ‘your account will be terminated’. It could be a trick to get you to divulge confidential information.
Requests for confidential information – most organisations will not ask you to send personal information such as NRIC or login credentials.

Always check that the domain in the URL ends with “” or “”, to ensure the link leads you to ActiveSG website or a Singapore Government website.

We will not send any links in our SMS to you. If you receive any SMS messages from ActiveSG that contain any links, please do not click. Report it to us immediately.

Be extra vigilant in providing any sensitive information such as personal particulars or account login details over the Internet.

Changes to Reset Password Procedure

We are updating our ActiveSG account password reset procedure to improve the security of your ActiveSG account.

Please log into with your ActiveSG account using your Singpass details instead. 

Alternatively, with effect from 24 January 2022, you may proceed to your nearest ActiveSG Sport Centre Guest Service Office to reset your ActiveSG account password. Our Guest Officers will be happy to assist you.

GameOn NILA QR Codes

The gameplay for GameOn NILA (GON) consists of using the ActiveSG app to scan a series of QR codes placed at various locations around Singapore including ActiveSG Sport Centres, heritage, nature trails and partner sites.

GON QR codes should only be scanned using the ActiveSG app at where it is placed. We do not send GON QR codes via email or post. This is what you will see:

We do not send GON QR codes via email or post. If you have received any such QR codes, please do not scan it.

If you are in doubt, please write in to us or call 1800-344-1177 during office hours for verification.
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